Professor Bernardo is passionate about teaching, and is an old-school professor who favors chalk + chalkboard + eraser in an active-learning format. He teaches three University of Minnesota courses and a noncredit short course:

  • Breeding for Quantitative Traits in Plants (Agro 8202, 3 credits) Graduate students learn how quantitative genetics principles are helpful in designing and implementing a breeding program.
  • Professional Skills for Scientists (CFAN 8101, 2 credits) This course helps prepare graduate students for their future careers. Specific goals are to increase student awareness and improve student skills in leading people, and in managing money, time, operations, and projects.
  • International Industry Internships (Agro 5999, 3 credits) Students spend 8–10 weeks in a summer internship to gain first-hand experience in a large-scale breeding program and to become immersed in a foreign culture.
  • Marker-Assisted Plant Breeding (noncredit) This 4-day course focuses on principles, concepts, and practices regarding the use of molecular markers to improve quantitative traits in plants. The course includes both theory and hands-on computer sessions in an active-learning format.